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Care and Maintenance | Menzie Stone Company

Care and Maintenance

 Granite Countertop Care Guide

Natural stone is an investment, not only of money – but of care over time. If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime. With a regular routine of cleaning and maintenance your granite will remain strong and radiant for years.


Daily Care

Wipe counters to remove crumbs and debris often with a sponge or soft cloth. Wipe up spills immediately.

Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives. Vinegar or lemon juice is not recommended.

Get in the habit of using coasters under drinks and trivets or mats under pots/pans.

When a cleaner is needed, spray and wipe down the main areas of use with Omni Clean & Reseal. Some cleaners will slowly remove your surface sealer over time. Omni Clean & Reseal will, with regular use, preserve the beauty and the integrity of your counters and will prolong the life of your sealer.


Stain Removal

Accidents happen. Try a regular and deep cleaning first. If that stain just won’t come out, try this:

Using a Deep Cleaner and Poultice, mix into a paste. Doing this provides added stain pulling properties. Apply the paste approximately ¼” thick to stained surface.  Spread it to extend beyond the edges of the stain by at least 1”. Cover the paste with plastic and tape edges of plastic to surface with painter’s tape. Let stand for 24 to 48 hours. Remove the plastic and remove paste with a non-marring tool (plastic putty knife). If the stain is not completely removed, a second application of Poultice and Deep Cleaner paste can be used.

Elite Cleaner by Omni can also be used to help “scrub” stains from surfaces.

It is recommended that you re-seal your countertops once you have used this approach to removing a stain.

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Granite Countertop Care Guide