Countertop Accidents: How to Prevent Them

When it comes to your brand new countertops, you rightfully expect high standards! You anticipate your stone to withstand food preparation, regular cleaning, pesky stains and much more; however, accidents happen. Did you know that common mistakes over time can end in common restoration costs? Read on to learn how homeowners are unintentionally ruining their countertops as well as easy tips to keep your stone looking as new as the day we installed it!

Hot Appliances

Depending on your countertop material and whether or not it's sealed, hot pots, pans and other appliances can damage the surface. It is much easier to grab a hot pan and place it directly on the counter instead of searching for something to protect the surface. However, temperature changes can cause some materials to crack, discolor or form scorch marks.

The Fix:

Always use a trivet or cutting board between appliances and the counter. Better safe than sorry!

Harsh Cleaning Supplies

While you may think using only the most heavy-duty cleaners can keep your countertops looking brand new, using harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia will actually remove the shine and protective coating from your stone.

The Fix:

When cleaning, stick with soap and hot water; we also recommend Omni Clean & Reseal, which we have available in our showroom.

Acidic Foods

We all deal with spills every now and then. Acidic food and drinks containing ingredients like vinegar, wine, lemon juice or tomato sauce can be fatal to countertops. If not cleaned off properly, these items will cause dull spots or etching. Marble is especially sensitive due to its calcium carbonate makeup, which reacts extremely to acidity.

The Fix:

Make sure to clean up spills right away. Then, neutralize the spill by sprinkling baking soda on the surface. Lastly, follow by wiping down your counters with soap and hot water.

Water Buildup

Pools of water are meant for, well, pools! Having an excess amount of water (especially mineral-rich water) sitting on your countertops can cause stains and a white crusty buildup. While you don't have to run to wipe up the spill, you also should not let it sit there until it evaporates.

The Fix:

After wiping up spilled water, completely dry with a handy cloth or paper towel.

Cutting and Chopping

While stone is strong enough to withstand sharp knives, the seals on your countertops are not. You may have gotten scratch- and stain-resistant countertops, but when you are constantly chopping and cutting on your counters, you only increase the chances of damaging your countertops (and not to mention your knives!). Fine scratches can disrupt the stone's sealer and create holes for bacteria to grow.

The Fix:

Use a cutting board or plate for all cutting and chopping. Try investing in a food processor for dicing!

Repetitive Motions

Do you always find yourself gravitating toward a certain spot when preparing or cooking? Over time, scratches, etches and more will plague your countertops and can cause your overall stone piece to wear unevenly.

The Fix:

Try migrating and using different areas of the kitchen to avoid wear and tear.

Excessive Weight

As with many other hard surfaces, your countertop can crack under pressure. When placing heavy objects near unsupported edges or joints, you risk chipping or cracking your stone!

The Fix:

Use a ladder instead of standing on top of your surface, and avoid leaving large amounts of weight on your countertops, especially over long periods of time.

While accidents happen, it never hurts to be proactive in taking measures to reduce the risk of them occurring at all; furthermore, having a plan of attack for when they inevitably do happen will help eliminate long-term damage!

References: Bob Vila, Our Team of Professionals

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