How Stone Can Maximize Your Space

When space is limited, it may seem there’s no room for design options. However, that’s not always the case! Smaller rooms usually lack surface area, but design and function can play a vital role in creating an illusion of a larger space. Check out our answers to some common questions on how to feel less small in an even smaller space… with the use of your stone!

Should I use a light or dark tone?

Everyone is hopping on the trend of white walls, white brick, white floors, white everything. An all-white room to a homeowner is much like a blank canvas for a painter. There are endless possibilities, and the look is easily transferable from season to season. We agree that, when dealing with small spaces, lighter tones are always a great choice. With combinations of a ceiling, cabinetry and walls, white can create a seamless space without boundaries. Whether dealing with natural or artificial lighting, white tones also have the tendency to reflect the lighting and make walls recede. Therefore, a white or lighter tone countertop can literally shine a spotlight on your space. However, darker accents, or even color, can help ground the room. After all, we can’t always have our head in the clouds while managing a busy lifestyle.

Do patterns and cabinetry have an impact on my choices?

You’re busy outside of your home, so why bring that energy inside of it? Busy patterns can make your space seem small and claustrophobic. When picking out a stone, a clean slate is good for more than do-overs! Consider patterns with little veining and “rocky” patterns. And did you know that cabinetry can affect your stone too? Try out recessed-panel cabinets, or replace your existing cabinets with glass fronts! This concept makes the walls seem farther away. If you want darker cabinets, choose a lighter stone and vice versa. The idea is to create dimension!

Which shape makes sense for my space?

Well, it depends on which space you’re using! Did you know there is such a thing as shape psychology? Not only can shapes help us save space in different areas of the home, but they also have the ability to evoke emotion. From feelings of stability to unity, shape size and psychology play an important role in any space.

  • Kitchen
    There are many options when it comes to counter shapes in a kitchen. L-shapes, using only two walls, are great for corner spaces and naturally open up the room. U-shapes, using three walls, maximize counter space and allow easy traffic flow.
  • Bathroom/Laundry Room
    Rectangles and squares are known to represent stability and energy. Have loads of fun folding laundry or perform your favorite soap opera in the bathroom. Either way, one (or both) of these shapes will help you get the job done.
  • Dining Room
    Representing love and unity, circle countertops are great for the dining room. This shape will make you feel connected with your family or friends and help cut down space! The lack of harsh corners will also make your small space feel less constricted.

Which counter edges help with functionality?

In smaller spaces, it’s a given that there is limited room to move. Save your funny bones by choosing countertops with soft edges! Experiment with single bevel, bullnose and eased edges; all of these options are elegant for any room and are comfortable to work up against. Choosing a thinner slab minimizes the bulky look in the room because of its slender quality and creates an illusion of larger spaces by limiting the material.

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