Kitchen Counters for the Great Outdoors

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect opportunity to seamlessly blend the comfort of your home with the relaxing serenity of nature. The only stressful part of the process is deciding on the right material for your dream countertop. Natural (or natural-looking) stone seems only fitting to make any outdoor space come to life, but which one is best for the job? It depends on your style and involvement! Read on to discover our top selections for crafting your own patio paradise.


If you’re looking for something rock-solid when it comes to countertop durability, granite is an excellent choice. Straight from the earth, it’s made to stand well against the elements. Feel like your busy lifestyle can get a little messy? Granite has a high resistance to water, stains and odors, which is ideal for neighborhood barbeques. We suggest sticking to lighter tones to avoid heat absorption in summer months; however, no matter how warm it gets, granite’s color will never fade from UV rays. Want to know the only upkeep needed for granite? Just be sure to clean the surface regularly and reseal it every year for a long-lasting solution!


Quartzite has the look of marble with the durable properties of granite, making it a popular patio countertop option for homeowners. Its resistance to water, heat and scratches establishes it as a low-maintenance stone. Spilled that jug of lemonade you made for your summer pool party? No worries. Unlike other naturally occurring stones, quartzite has a very high resistance to anything acidic, which allows for much less concern for upkeep. Like all other stones, make sure to clean it regularly to continue to show off its good side.

Tile Slabs

Formed by combining glass, porcelain and quartz under high-pressure heat, tile slabs are an almost indestructible material. This countertop option is immune to abrasions, water, cleaning agents and UV rays, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities. No matter the season, tile slabs can take both the summer heat or winter chills with no problem. Think of it as a perfect outdoor kitchen cutting board. Not only is it easy to clean and scratch resistant, but it is suitable for direct food contact! You can even pair this material with another stone to create a multi-dimensional look with functional benefits.

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