Quartz vs. Quartzite: What’s the Difference?

We often hear people use the terms “quartz” and “quartzite” interchangeably. Though their names are similar, quartz and quartzite countertops are actually made up of completely different materials. Below, we’ll cover the differences between these options so you can better understand which of the two might be best for your space!


Quartzite is a natural stone. Quartzite, much like granite, is a natural stone that is taken from the earth. It is a metamorphic rock that originates as sandstone, is extracted from quarries and is then processed and finished into natural stone slabs.

Quartz is a manmade material. Quartz is an engineered stone that is created from quartz particles bound together with resin, stone chips and pigments for color. Because of its fabricated quality, it is available in a wide range of colors and patterns.


Quartzite needs a little attention. As a natural stone, quartzite does need to be sealed and re-sealed regularly to avoid cracks and blemishes. However, unlike most other natural stone options, quartzite has a high resistance to anything acidic which allows less concern for big spills.

Quartz requires less work. As we mentioned before, quartz is a manmade stone, which means it is 100% nonporous and that it doesn’t require sealing. Cleaning quartz is a breeze, often only requiring a pass with a damp cloth and a gentle soap!


Quartzite is extremely strong. Since quartzite is naturally-occurring, it is designed to withstand wear and tear, even when exposed to the elements or high-traffic areas. These features make quartzite a great countertop option for kitchens, both indoor and outdoor!

Quartz is great for indoors. Quartz’s nonporous, crack-, scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant material makes it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. The only thing to watch out for is that because part of its manufacturing process involves plastic, it can be prone to melting if heated at extreme temperatures.

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