Stone Selections for Your Space: Laundry Room

Laundry rooms have become a hub for all families, a central spot for muddy shoes and bubble wars. With an ever-growing laundry list comes the need to renovate and make one of the most important rooms in the house relatively indestructible. What better way to accomplish this goal than with the use of stone? Check out these tips for the best stone and design options for your laundry room!


Unless you’re blessed with a laundry room fit for Cheaper by the Dozen, it’s safe to say that the room itself is usually small in size. Enlarge your laundry room with lighter tones! Whether with paint or stone (or both), lighter tones will help open up the area. If you prefer to join the dark side, choose either paint or stone, but not both, as this could make you feel like you’re drowning in laundry (literally). For a lighter stone, we recommend London Grey by Caesarstone and Brentwood by Cambria! For a darker stone, go for Oxford by Cambria. Want to take it to the next level? Check out these additional tips for choosing the right countertop edge and design recommendations to maximize your small space!

Stone & Traffic

Laundry rooms are high traffic areas, meaning they’re prone to lots of wear, tear and mess. Whether your kids plop down their dirty shoes, your dog gets sprayed by a skunk or you spill a little too much wine, laundry rooms constantly fight the battle against spills and stains. So, why choose anything less than durable to handle the task? The best stones are the ones that can handle everything you (and your family) dish out. Try one of these stone options:

  • Quartz

    A popular option for laundry rooms, quartz is known for its durability and elegance. This choice is low maintenance and doesn’t require consistent resealing. It’s also non-porous, so it combats bacterial growth and resists stains; perfect for dirt and bleach spills!
  • Granite

    Like quartz, granite is another popular option for most room renovations. The diversity of colors and patterns can help make stone a focal point in your design. Unlike quartz, granite is a little more high maintenance and requires sealing every year (this does not require a professional, but we always love to help!). Difficult to scratch and resistant to temperature changes, granite makes a great surface for ironing and folding.

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