Island Time: Classic Islands With a Twist

Summer’s here, and you know what that means… it’s island time! Of course, we mean sandy toes and warm weather, but it doesn’t stop there. Are you ready to dive into upgrading your kitchen island? To most, an island is secluded, but to us, the word means almost the exact opposite; it means the heart of the kitchen. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 76 percent of homebuyers consider a central island essential to the kitchen. So, what’s stopping you from gaining one or renovating the one you have?

Size Matters

Most homeowners struggle to decide how large their kitchen island should be. Common questions like, “Is there enough room for guests?” or, “How much room do I need for prep?” can be daunting. However, any kitchen is capable of an island! Of course, size matters, so it depends on the space you have. Ideally, an island should have 36 to 48 inches of space around all sides to accommodate foot traffic. Make sure to keep this in mind when selecting how far your stone countertop will “hang” off of the edge!

Shape Shift

Like sand, the opportunities are nearly endless when it comes to shape-shifting your island. You can go with a square, rectangle, circle, oval or mix and match it up! Elongate your kitchen with a rectangular island or stay traditional using a square. Circular and oval islands reduce harsh corners and create an inviting atmosphere for your kitchen… not to mention it will save you some bruises. A common trend is combining a circle surface with the rectangular island to accommodate both the cooking and dining portion of neighborhood picnic parties.

Level Up

If you feel the need to separate cooking and dining a little more, try adding some levels to your existing island! Levels add dimension to your kitchen in a simple and functional way. Design a lower level as a coffee bar, or entertain with an upper level for guests. Add some barstools or a bench, and sit back and relax with an ice cold beverage! Try adding some shelving for decor and storage, or create a stone wine rack for those irresistible bottles of champagne. After all, a new summer island is worth celebrating!

Sense of Style

When we go on vacation, we usually dress to impress in our best floral dresses or safari-inspired clothing. So why not style up your island too? Adventure out with a waterfall edge design, a countertop option that cascades down one or both sides of the island. If you don’t already have an island, purchase (or for you DIY-ers, make) one and add your favorite stone to accent the top! Functionality takes away all the extra steps and stress, so also try adding some appliances to your island such as a microwave, sink, oven or chef’s block. No matter your style, there is an island that matches.

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