Using Spring Colors in Your Space

Spring is finally in the air, and there’s nothing more refreshing than adding a new look for the new season. Tuck away your wool blankets and dark colors, and spring into a fresh feel. It can be a challenge to revamp your space (especially with spring cleaning upon us), but we’ve come up with some fun, easy ways to get your home sprung.

Pack Away the Black

Hygge (commonly pronounced “hue-gah”) is among the top trends of 2019. Described as “coziness,” hygge incorporates warmer tones and lots of fuzzy socks, often giving off nostalgic, cool weather vibes. However, although winter is ending, you can still fill your home with hygge. For spring, substitute your dark tones for lighter ones, and keep your warm neutrals to brighten the area. Among the top colors for this season are light blues, mustard and pink! Incorporating these colors will bring some liveliness to your home.

Feel Blissful with Biophilia

With busy day-to-day schedules, we all dream for a taste of paradise. To help you disconnect and put your mind at ease, try adding some house plants around your home. Not only do plants help clean the air, but they also eliminate harmful bacteria! And since most bathrooms and kitchens are germ havens, this is a useful, natural disinfectant for spring cleaning. For pops of color, lavender and hydrangeas are a great addition, as are herbs, especially for your kitchen. Try planting them in a natural stone planter such as terracotta!

Adopt State of the Art

Every color, texture and design has an underlying personality that can help you define the look and feel of a room. Store away your monochromatic artwork and add a fun, vibrant piece. You can also take advantage of removable wallpaper! There are designs and textures for every need, and it’s convenient for the season-to-season renovators. Use the wallpaper to create an accent wall in your bathroom, bedroom or even your closet.

Emphasize Your Accents

Accents are a fantastic way to pull your space together. From mirrors to knobs, lightweight and soft touches are the focal points for this year. Edgy mirrors are being replaced by oval or round ones, and dark wood can be substituted for wicker. Turn your used furniture pieces from drab to fab by adding new knobs and legs. Jazz up your kitchen by displaying your colorful cast-iron cookware on your shelves or add fresh fruit to your countertops. Lastly, let some light in! Change heavy curtain fabrics to light, flowy ones to open up your space. Spring has sprung!

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