New Year, New Kitchen: 2019 Design Trends

With every new year, more new styles come into popularity and older ones phase out. If you're struggling with how to update your kitchen, we're here to help clear up some of the confusion! Check out the list below for our top three picks of design trends that are gaining popularity for 2019.

Two-Tone Is the New Black

Gone are the days of a completely one-color kitchen design. Instead of staying with one single color, consider incorporating multiple shades into your design. Choose a slab that stands out against your cabinets.

You can go with something more subtle, like light grays and white, or go more bold with a darker gray or bright blue that really makes your counters pop. Aim for complementary colors that contrast to bring a pop of style and a little bit of drama to your kitchen.

Keep It Level

A large, even space in the middle of the kitchen that's all one height offers many benefits over the previously popular style of multi-level islands. A kitchen with a single-level island not only gains valuable prep and serving space, but it also gains more light. Tiered islands can block the flow of sunlight from windows or even shade counter space from light fixtures, not to mention they can obstruct the view to a dining or living room.

Implementing a single-level, counter-height island makes a kitchen feel more intimate as well as more spacious, all at once. Plus, if extra dining space in the kitchen is a need, there are plenty of stool options that are the perfect height for this new island style. There's nothing to lose - and a lot to gain - by embracing this trend!

Top It Off

The popularity of countertop materials can often vary by year, but the popularity of brilliant quartz finishes only continues to grow as 2019 approaches. Granite and marble are often the first materials that come to mind for countertops, but quartz continues to gain popularity. It offers the look of natural stone without the same maintenance requirements. Quartz also provides a timeless, consistent look by eliminating the veining found in marble slabs, bringing a cohesive look to a kitchen design.

Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz features a nonporous and durable surface that comes in a large variety of colors and textures. There are also many options for finishes, with choices like polished, honed and natural-feel.

Renovation Ready

If you're interested in bringing these trends into your home for 2019, our team at Menzie Stone Company is ready to help! From choosing a slab color that contrasts with your cabinets to selecting one large piece for your new island to determining the perfect shade of quartz, we can lend a hand. Give us a call or visit our showroom today to bring your kitchen into modern times!

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