Making the Most of a Small Kitchen

When we think of our dream home, we often picture a house with a huge kitchen equipped with plenty of counter space to prep dinner without having to kick our family out into the living room because we’re feeling claustrophobic. However, in real life, we have to make compromises and concessions, and sometimes that results in buying a home with a smaller-than-desired kitchen. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Small equals cozy, so let’s use that to our advantage. Here are a few design tips and tricks to create a brighter and wider feel for your cramped kitchen.

Go with white where you can.

White paint makes your kitchen seem bigger and more inviting. If white isn’t your thing, stick to lighter colors, as darker tones will absorb any natural light that you may have coming into your space.

Stow away appliances.

Appliances can take up a lot of counter space. If you only make toast on Sunday mornings, find a place in a cabinet to store the toaster when it’s not being used. Clearing the counters opens up room for food and drink prepping.

Go glossy.

The reflective quality of a glossier stone finish makes your space feel bigger than it really is. Just as mirrors can make a room feel larger, a glossy countertop achieves a similar effect.

Knock out that wall.

Connect your kitchen and dining area by opening up the wall and adding a countertop and stools. This provides a place for the kids to eat breakfast in the mornings and allows you to interact more with guests as you’re preparing the food for your next dinner party. This also creates a barrier to keep too many cooks from crowding your precious kitchen real estate.

Add a hanging pot rack.

If your excess of pots and pans come tumbling out of your cabinets every time you open them, consider hanging an industrial rack over your stove or above the island. Not only is this a practical storage solution, but it also adds an exciting design element.

Add shelving where you can.

If there is room on the walls to spare, consider adding floating shelves for extra storage. These spots will likely be above the sink or stovetop!

Add (lots of) windows.

Opening the space to the outdoors lets in natural light, making your space feel larger and more inviting.

Resources: House Beautiful

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